Friday, 2 September 2016

50 Do Follow Blogs to Increase your website Traffic and Pagerank

The webmasters are mostly busy to increase the page rank of their initial website. Guest Posting, blog commenting and forum posting is famous way to made some positive change on your blog page rank. May be you're always busy to comment on other's blog. All the blog may not be DoFollow. Comparatively, dofollow blog commenting is more effective than nofollow.

Considering this, I have collected the 50 blog of the popular bloggers. Main objective is to be 
In Touch with bloggers. I asked them weather the blog is dofollow or not. Of course it covered half of the time for blogging by asking 50 bloggers about their blog. I've choose only dofollow blogs and listed here as follow:

HackTutors Author - It's me Anup!
TechFreakStuff Author - Rohit Sane
SmartBloggerz Author - Typhoon a.k.a Sushant (Advanced DoFollow blog)
CafeBlogger Author - Hieu Martin
TechnShare Author - Dev
FamousBloggers Author - Hesham
TechPatio Author - Klaus
Blogxic Author - FebapLiew
BlogWithWings Author - Joella Molson
Designer's Digest Author - Kelvin
NetChunks - Shiva Chettri
TechHamlet Author - Pubudu Kodikara
SocialTimes Author - Nick O’Neill
Blinkky Author - Blinkky
TechnBlogging Author - Sourav Das
Blogging Tips Author - Saksham Talwar
BloggerUniversity Author - Annie
TycoonBlogger Author - Dan Keller
WassupBlog Author - Aussie
SEObythesea Author - Bill Slawski
Snoo Author - Alisha Paul
OmnipotentPoobah Author - Omnipotent Poobah
WeBuildYourBlog Author - Andrew Rondeau
DesignAdaptations Author - Charity Ondriezek
Zabadani Author - Hicham Elzabadani
Isuman Author - Suman
Kikolani Author -  Kristi
BarryWise Author - Barry Wise
AZBlogTips Author - Tinh
ExtremeBackLinks Author - Poras Gupta
iTechGiz Author - Fahad
Everything about Blogging - Author - Mukund

Work hardly and be busy commenting on the blogs which I have mentioned above. Surely, Google consider your hard work and provide some positive reward for you. It means you can get blog popularity and make money from it! All the people looks for Page Rank and nothing else. I've done all these work for your walefare and rest of the thins are up to you.


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