Friday, 12 August 2016

Importance of High Page Rank SEO directory submission

While talking about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) link building is one of the main factor for getting any website on top of Google and other Search engines. As we know, there can be variations of links that can be created for a website. Links from Link directories  is one among the variations of Link Building. Link Directories also called web directories are the sites which are the directories of website links kept as archive. It is easy for any one to find websites of a specific category when they visit to a link directory. DMOZ.ORG which is one of the renown link directory can be considered to understand what a link directory is ? So today i am presenting you a grand list of fresh link directories ranging from Page Rank 7 to Page Rank 1. And yes these link directories are free to submit, you don’t need to put a reciprocal link neither you need to pay although they have such system too. I have manually filtered and made this collection so you can also start link building for your website.
As the time passes some of these link may get down, or may change to paid directories or their Page Rank may go down or Up, i will try to update them and keep fresh. If you are new to Link directories and how it works then i would love to share some stuff  with you before getting into the directories list.

Importance of High Page Rank SEO directory submission
 Web Directories are like the stations to collect useful information regarding products and services in a nice systematic manner. In fact, these were the ways of having information and services of interest prior search engine’s inception. It is at the same time a fact that these are equally handy even after search engines are there. Directory submission into such kinds of platform has been one of the key SEO strategies for driving increased traffic.
Why site with high PR is important
However, it is important to be careful about choosing Web Directory sites to stay away from the illegal SEO strategies. On this context, it is crucial to go with the web directories with better Page Rank to ensure effective value. It is here to mention that there are a good number of High PR Free directory submission sites those are free directory submissions.
Ensures protection from spam
The step by Google to castigate the spam directory submission sites has made it relevant to go with high pr directory submission for SEO. On this context, the point to be noted is that the directory submission is not another SEO strategy. These are the best ways of delivering valuable information regarding the website for the users.
Hikes web traffic rates
Manual submission and guided approval of the given link validation is another crucial part of Directory Submission. The sites with high page rank are always preferred on this matter. These sites promise effective and quality back links, and in turn they drag increased website traffics. What can you expect more than it being a website owner!
Financially beneficial as well:
A site with high page rank signifies that it is one of the antique sites. It is here to mention that the older a site the better it is for directory submission. Most of the high page ranked sites provide free of cost directory submission. It means it is financially beneficial as well.
High page rank proportional with incoming links
Before going for a directory submission site the user needs to check the number of incoming links for the particular site. Naturally, a site with higher page rank drags increased incoming links, and you can hope for the increased traffic for your site.
Quality backlinks
If you are already into the online money making, or blogging, then it is pretty apparent for you to have the idea of the importance of backlinks. Simply getting backlink is not enough. Your backlinks should also possess higher page rank. Making the directory submission in a high page rank site turns out to be handy always. Certainly this demands increased effort in comparison with the forum submissions. But, you can spot the difference in terms of results as well within a very short while.
The high page rank directory submission lets you to generate the “do follow” links. It is always a recommended way to go for article marketing for backlink or related works with the “do follow” sites for generating quality backlinks and traffics.
Remember, Google always prioritizes the quality with both backlinks and traffics as only in either case one can ensure of visitors spending some period with the site. On this context, the finest and safest way of achieving valuable backlinks and so the traffics can be through the directory submission with higher page rank.

So always use fresh health link directories with Good Page Rank to build backlinks to your website. Always submit your website link to specific related category so your website gets good link juice and your website get good rank in Google and other search engines. Manual link directory submission is always recommended as it can ensure that your link is perfectly submitted, it’s better to avoid automatic submission tools if you want to do white hat link building for your long term website.

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