Monday, 2 January 2017

Tips to improve Battery life of Mobile phone

Battery of the mobile phone is the most significant concern these days due to mobile phone habits. Mostly civilized individuals constantly connected to Entire world by using mobile phone .Imagine in case phone’s battery go down and you do not have further choice to get in touch with your loved ones .
You might possibly miss your workplace conference because of the routine alarm clock which just informs you whenever your mobile phone is on. All of us have various point of view to enhance the battery life of your cell phone, but a majority of those are not accurate or even less efficient .Today we’re about to discuss How to Improve Battery life of Smart phones .It is quite possible to enhance the battery life of phone’s, but you need to carry out certain tips.

Steps to improve Battery life of Mobile phone
The following are the certain Tips to improve battery life of mobile phone
Overheating of Mobile phones
Overheating of a mobile phone not straight away impact your phone’s battery in short period , however it would affect your phone’s battery life in a long period .Overheating whenever you play extensive online games as well as browsing the web might be unhealthy for your battery .
Alternative: Don’t use your phone constantly for a long time. If you’re watching videos or even additional movies then simply swipe to end applications that are running in the back-ground .You will find the background running the app in recent widget feature.
Avoid using mobile phone during a charging
Professionals insist that stop making use of mobile phone during a charging of phone battery .This may also damage your phone’s battery .Whenever people work with the mobile phone during a charging indirectly it is not let your mobile phone battery to charge completely. it’s strongest factor which can reduce the life of the battery .
Alternative: In case if you have some urgent work on a mobile phone then simply switch on Air plane mode(Flight mode ) .This will certainly charge your battery power much faster .in my opinion the time taken for charge is much less when your phone is switched of f or in air plane mode.
Uninstall unwanted applications
Uninstall unwanted applications will enhance the battery life of your mobile phone mainly because unwanted applications runs in a background and also it uses battery every time you change your mobile phone which damage the battery and also have an effect on the battery life.
Alternative: uninstall those application which you don’t use regularly for example Facebook app , it is possible to use Facebook from the internet browser which means you it’s not necessary to install Facebook along with messenger .
Don’t use Duplicate Charger For Charging
Each and every mobile phone provider firm recommend do not make use of duplicate charger or even another brand charger to charge phone’s battery .Duplicate charges are not analyzed by technical engineers without having to authorized to use your mobile phone , however , original chargers are specifically make for a particular mobile phone product . This Point Really Help you to improve your Mobile Battery Life
Alternative: whenever your charger stop working. Get an original charger from authorized seller.
Charge your Battery at Maximum 90%
An additional reason that has to be followed is you should not charge your phone more than 90%. you will be aware you need to charge your phone battery under its capability. This increase the life of the battery. Don’t charge your phone unless and until it show low battery notification.
Don’t keep mobile phone on charging a whole night

This is certainly the old saying that keeps your mobile phone on the charger a whole night to have completely charged the phone in the morning .This is not the correct way of charging .Mostly whenever cell phone overcharged battery will probably be harmed and also lost its potential. Overcharging of the battery can be the cause of burst in the cell phone .So stay away from charging the phone a whole night.


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