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Is ad posting jobs is a Legitimate System?

Is ad posting jobs is a Legitimate System?
Answering this question is not so easy! Before I tell you ad posting jobs is scam or it’s the most genuine online jobs I ever seen, let’s judge itself by reading bellows point –
·         If any ad posting jobs provider has the way to earn from their ads then they can easily make your payment.
·         If then have lot of contract to work with, then can easily make their members payment.
·         After asking to show the payment proof, if they show it right way that’s means it’s a genuine company.
·         If any company doing MLM like , if you post 1000 ads and 3 person get register on same ad posting work then only you are eligible to get paid! Defiantly it’s a scam.
·         If any ad posting job provider give you a decent target very likely to post up to 3000+ successful ads to get paid , then its scam! Because no one can post 3000+ ads in month.
·         If any ad posting jobs provider not approves ads from other city or county, simple if then make your force to post ads only in decent city that means it’s a scam. Because if your ad target to post only in a particular city then very few classified sites list will be available to post ads.
How to earn money with ad posting jobs?
Yes, it’s true that you can earn money by doing ad posting jobs. But you have to consider to get founded by a genuine ad posting jobs Provider Company. If you are a newcomer in internet jobs it’s better to get started with a small ad posting jobs plan of Rs-3-5 /ad posting. Make sure to check out daily or weekly payment plan as is not make you a long wait.
The second thing that you need to confirmed that you are not dreaming about big earning in a short period of time , many people get frustrated into their job due to low earning , and think that earning money on internet is so easy , hence its completely wrong thinking. You have to prepare yourself at list work for 3-6 hours to earn good income.
How much I can earn with ad posting job?
There is no such chat that I can show over here  , but you can utilized your earning from ad posting job up to 10,000 , But it’s not so easy as I previously said earning money from internet is as hard as into your regular job. I never recommend ad posting job as a full time income opportunity or set it as a future goal. As there is no future or opportunity to increment into your earning make is as part time jobs.
Still if you need to work as a full time due to not having any other full time income opportunity , you can get started with 3-5 member ID , if you can manage to earn 5,000 on each member ID you can able to grab 20,000 from your one month hard work. Best of luck.
How ad posting job scam happen in India?
Though ad posting is the most reliable jobs that you can do online, but there is so much scam happen, that I will let you know here-
Give a target to Post 3000 ads per month:
Some of stupid company put a dangerous Term and condition that you have to post 3000 ads per month to get payment. I personally collect classified sites list and found that only 1500 classified site are present on internet. So how you can go to post 3000 ads, it’s a scam and no one will full fill that much of target. It’s caused money loss.
You have to Post ads only in a one city:
Some of ad posting company offer you to post ads in only one city, like Delhi, Puna or Hydrabad! It’s a funny and stupid term that you have post at list 500 ads to get new ad description. When you try to post ads on specify city you can’t able to post more than 300 ads. So again waste of time and not getting paid.
You ad’s description will not change until you rich to 3000 ads:
Some of ad posting company will take a big registration like 17,000-30,000 @ of Rs-20 per ad posting, now what trick they do! They never change ad description as long as you post 3000 ads, as we all know you can’t able to find more that 1500 classified site list so waste of money again.
You have to send 50 ads per day, unless your payment will be cancelled:
As we all work as part time, so achieving a goal of daily 50 ads is difficult. Sometime people send 60 ads and they reject 11 ads and send an email by notify that you can’t eligible for minimum payout of 50 ads and today’s work is cancelled.
You can’t post ads in a same configuration, same layout or same design website:
This trick applied by mention.com and few other website, you have to post ads in only without same configuration, same layout or same design website. Typically, finding and memorized this type of classified site is hard known. So this is another dangerous trick of scam ad posting jobs.
You have to post ads into Olx and Quikr only:
It’s like WTF! You are allow to post ads only on olx and quikr with one ad description , so the problem is you can post multiple ads into olx and quikr but you have to use different ad title and description. So this another scam ad posting jobs tricks.

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